How Do I Get Started?

You've made your purchase of a one-month or one-year subscription - now what? There is no wrong way to use HSTOnline so you can jump in and explore and start entering data. If you'd like a bit more direction, here is some information and suggestions.

Getting Help

  • There is a comprehensive User Guide with step-by-stet directions for each feature of the program.
  • In the top right of each Help Page is a Search box which you can use to search on any topic you like.
    Search Box
  • The 'Help' link to the right of the Search box on a Help Page will take you to the User Guide directory.
  • The 'Help' link in the top right of each HSTOnline page will take you directly to the Help Page that matches that area of the program.
    Help link in program page

    Help page from link
  • Need more help? Send an email to or attend one of our training sessions.

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Getting Started Video Guide

We have created a comprehensive video guide to help you get started. You can view this guide below:

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Explain to me how this works...

The beauty of HSTOnline is the flexibility that allows you to use the program in a way that best suits you. But it might help if you had an overview of how all the different parts work together to help you keep the records you need.

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Ok - I'm Ready...

Step 1:

Once you have completed your purchase, you will need to activate your account using the activation code assigned to you.

Step 2:

Enter your Students.

Step 3:

It's up to you...

Option 1:

Try entering a few Assignments. Our Tips for Unschoolers page provides some quick steps to get some generic Assignments entered so you can get a feel for that process.

Option 2:

Work on your Library. If you're going to be keeping track of the books and texts used in your Homeschool, you might want to start by using the ISBN entry feature to quickly create a list of Resources to choose from.

Option 3:

If you think Lesson Plans will be the way to go in your Homeschool, save yourself some time and check out the list of Shared Lesson Plans that others have created and kindly shared with HSTOnline. You can preview plans to see if they might work for you, and even import them and play with the Scheduler tool to see how this all works. If a Lesson Plan you've imported doesn't work for you, you can tweak it until it does, or simply delete it and import a different one, or create one of your own!

Option 4:

Go tackle whatever area you want. Again, there is no wrong way to use HSTOnline. The only important rule is to use to the program in the way in which it enhances your own homeschool experience!

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