You can create Assignment lists, Report Cards, Transcripts and more in HSTOnline. All reports are generated as PDF documents which you can then save, print, email or do perform any other action as you would with any PDF document.

Reports are listed alphabetically under the Reports section of the HSTOnline menu. The Reports that appear will depend on the fields and features you have enabled/disabled in Program Options. Student users can be given access to Reports via the permissions for their User Account.

Menu: Reports List
Report Name What it does Required Program Options
Attendance Lists Attendance for any date range selected None: This report is always enabled
Course List Lists selected Courses and their parameters - credit units, resources, grading scale and/or weighted activities Requires Course field enabled
Daily Task List List Appointments, Assignments and/or Chores for any date range for your Student None: This report is always enabled
Home/Away Shows school hours spent at home vs. those spent away from home; can show general 'home' vs. 'away' or specific locations Assignment Location and Time Spent or Sessions fields must be enabled.
Report Card You can select which Subjects/Courses are included in a Report Card for your Student. Grading must be enabled, and that you have at least one completed, graded Assignment within the dates of the report.
Resources A list of Resources attached to a Student's incomplete and/or complete Assignments for a selected date range Resources field must be enabled
Scope and Sequence Provides a list of Topics pulled from your Assignments or a Lesson Plan Topic field must be enabled
Skills Progress Displays a list of a Student's Skills and their status - 'in progress' or 'completed' - and any progress notes you have entered Skills field must be enabled
Supplies Lists the supplies tied to Assignments within a specified date range, or from a selected Lesson Plan to help you gather the items needed. Supplies field must be enabled
Time Spent/Sessions Displays the Time Spent or Sessions values for each selected Subject/Course for the date range you set Time Spent or Sessions fields must be enabled
Transcript Create any one of three versions of a Transcript of your high schooler's work for the school years you select. Course field and Grading must be enabled
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Setting Report Options

Daily Task List Options

When you click or touch on a Report name, the options window for that Report will be displayed. See the Help Page for each individual report for an explanation of the available options.

Set the options as needed. HSTOnline will remember your option settings from one session to the next until you change them. Options settings for each report are stored separately.

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Generating the Report

  1. On the HSTOnline menu, click or touch the name of the Report you want to create under the 'Reports' section.
    • The Reports available to you will depend on your Program Options selections.
    • Student users can run reports if they have been given permissions to do so.
  2. Fill out the Report options as needed. HSTOnline will remember your settings for that report until you change them.
  3. Click or touch the Generate Report button. HSTOnline will create the report using the options you have set. This process can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the complexity of the report. Report Cards and Transcripts will fall towards the longer end of that range.
  4. When the report is ready, the Pick Up Report button becomes visible. Click or touch it to download the generated file.
    • All reports are created as PDFs which you can review, print, email as you would with any PDF document.
  5. If you made an error in your option settings, just reset the options as needed and click or touch Generate Report again.
    gen pu
    Generate Report and Pick Up Report Buttons
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