Directions, Instructions, Notes and Objectives


You can add HTML formatted text to Directions, Notes, Progress Notes, Objectives, Instructions and Description fields that appear in Assignments, Lesson Plan items, Courses, Skills Progress, etc. Click on the field name or pencil icon for the appropriate Directions, Notes, Progress Notes, etc. field to open the HTML editor window. Type in the text you want, using the editing icons to format the text as desired. You can also use standard keyboard shortcuts to select, copy and paste text in these windows.

Directions/Notes fields

The text you enter will be displayed in the add/edit forms and in reports with all the formatting effects you have selected. In the (Preview) columns, the first 150 characters will be displayed in plain text.

Directions HTML Window

HTML Editing Icons

HTML Editor Icons

Use the icons on the Edit window to format the text to your preferences. Below is a brief description of each icon.

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